You're in Vienna and you want to play volleyball? Then come and join us!
We're a group of lesbians and (female) friends playing volleyball once a week (Wednesday evening in the 2nd district). In addition there's beach volleyball on Monday evenings during the summer (in the 15th district).

In order to join you'd need to master basic volleyball techniques like serving and passing (underarm passes and overhead passes).

So no matter whether it's just a short stay here in Vienna or whether you're here on a longterm basis - we would be very happy to welcome you! The first three 'visits' are free.

Contact: office[at]viennasqueermelange.at


"Vienna's Queer Melange", a volleyball club for lesbians and (female) friends, was founded in 1989, when it was called "Marantana". In 1994 and 2008 we had the pleasure to host the "European Lesbian Volleyball Tournament" (EuLeVoTo) in Vienna. From the beginning we have been participating in events and tournaments all over the world - playing e.g. in various levels at the annual EuLeVoTo, the Eurogames, the Outgames and the Gay Games.